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Basic eChart Troubleshooting

Computers and passwords

Why is eChart not displaying, loading or logging in properly?

Clear the browser cache/cookies for eChart and close all browser windows. Then log back into eChart.

    Why does eChart flash when selecting data?

    Flashing of the category heading or card means data is loading

    Logging into eChart

    Launching eChart from within an EMR

    A function provided by a Manitoba Certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that is used to launch eChart Manitoba directly from within the EMR. This function passes eChart Manitoba user login credentials and patient context to the eChart application. This results in eChart users going directly into eChart and bypassing the Patient Search screen going directly into the patient file with a single click

    The eChart Manitoba Launch Button is a function provided by your Manitoba Certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system vendor. If you experience issues with the launch button please contact your regular EMR support.

    Note: If printing is not working through EMR Launch that would be specific to the EMR vendor/site. Please follow up with your sites EMR vendor/IT.

    How do I launch eChart from within an EPR?

    EPR eChart Tab Quick Reference Guide.

    What are the supported web browsers for eChart?

    • Windows 8.1, 10 & 11 with Chrome or MS Edge (Chromium based)
    • macOS with Safari

    eChart Manitoba requires the browser to support cookies. In order to be aligned with the security requirements, browser should support TLS 1.2. 

    Ensure the temporary internet files are set to clear automatically when the browser is closed.

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