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ManitobansDisclosure directives

What is a Disclosure Directive?

A Disclosure Directive hides your personal health information in eChart from being viewed by health-care providers – except for your name, personal health identification number, date of birth and address. You have the option of placing a Disclosure Directive on your eChart record; however, you should know this will prevent health care providers from viewing your clinical information. It is not possible to hide only part of your eChart record (for example, only medications); a disclosure directive will result in all your clinical information being hidden from the view of health care providers. Once you’ve placed a Disclosure Directive on your record, it means health-care providers may be unable to see your clinical information stored in eChart Manitoba when they are asked to provide you with care. You can, however, direct an authorized health-care provider to override the directive.

Can anyone override a Disclosure Directive – for example, in an emergency?

Certain health-care providers who have the highest level of access to eChart Manitoba may temporarily override a Disclosure Directive in special circumstances in order to obtain relevant information to provide safe, quality care. At this time, the only health-care providers who are able to do this (in restricted circumstances) are providers who have the ability to prescribe medication (e.g. physicians).

What you should know about Disclosure Directives:

  • Anyone who overrides one must indicate the reason for doing so.
  • All override events are recorded and subject to an audit.
  • Not every health-care provider is authorized to override a disclosure directive.
  • You can request to see who has viewed your record at any time whether or not you have a disclosure directive.
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