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Winnipeg RHA Locations

Updated: Oct. 12, 2021

The following sites are geographically located in this region:

Sites A to F:

9 to 9 Walk-In & Family Clinic

Aboriginal Health & Wellness Centre

Academy Skin Centre

Access Downtown

Access Fort Garry Primary Care Clinic

Access River East

Access Transcona

Access Winnipeg West

AFM Men’s Residential Clinic

AFM Women’s Residential Clinic

Aikins Street Community Health Centre

Aqua i Laser

Archibald Medical

Arena Hand and Arm Clinic

Aria Medical Centre

Arrowwood Medical Centre

Askarifar, Rasool, M.D.

Assiniboine Medical Clinic

Atlantic Medical Centre

Babick Clinic

Bacily, Mervat, M.D.

Berrydale Family Medical Centre

BioScript Manitoba

Birchwood Medical Clinic

Bison Family Medical Clinic

Bison Family Medical Clinic – Pembina

Brain, Vision and Concussion Clinic

Breast Health Centre

BreastCheck Manitoba

BridgeCare Clinic

Bridgwater Medical Centre

Broadway Medical Clinic

Brodovsky, Stephen, M.D.

Buenafe Medical Clinic

Cardio 1

Centre de Santé Sainte-Boniface

Chalmers Community Medical Clinic

Charleswood Medical Clinic

CinDen Integrative Health & Wellness Institute

Clinicare Medical Centre

Clinique St-Boniface Clinic

Concordia Community Clinic

Concordia Hospital

Concordia Health Associates

Concordia Medical Centre

Cordova, J. L., M.D.

Corner2 Medical Centre and Walk-In Clinic

Corydon Medical Clinic

Corydon Village Medical Centre

Crestview Medical Clinic

Crisis Response Centre

Cyr-Hornick, Annie, M.D.

Dakota Medical Centre

DC Obstetrics and Gynecology Group

Deer Lodge Centre

Dr. Dang Medical Clinic

Durcan, Anne, M.D.

Eaton Place Medical Centre

Edgeland Clinic

Elemental Professional Health Centre

Envoy Medical Clinic

Esfahani, Farid Eshghi, M.D.

Evans, Michele Jane, M.D.

Fairview Health & Wellness Clinic

Family Matters Medical Centre

Familycare Medical Centre

Fatoye, Bunmi, M.D.

Fort Street Clinic

Fort Whyte Orthopedics

Sites G to K:

Gateway Primacy Medical Clinic

Gera, Rakesh, M.D.

Ghoneim, M.S.A., M.D.

Glaucoma & Eye Management Clinic

Grace Hospital

Grand Medicine Health Services

Gray, Robin, M.D.

Greencrest Pembina Clinic

Happy Family Medical and Walk-In Clinic

Harbourview Medical Centre

Haven Primacy Medical Clinic

Health-Hub Medical Clinic

Health Point Clinic

Health Plus Medical Centre

Health Sciences Centre

Healthway Medical Centre

Heartland Fertility and Gynecology Clinic

Henderson Highway Medical Clinic

Hope Centre Health Care

Husarewycz, M. Natalie, M.D.

Kalkat, Harmandeep, M.D.

Kalo Medical Clinic

Kayler, Douglas E., M.D.

Keewatin Medical Center

Kennedy Medical Clinic

Khan, Noor, M.D.

Kildonan Medical Centre

Kingsbury Family Medical Centre

Klinic Community Health Centre

Koczanski, Roman, M.D.

Kowal, Coral, M.D.

Kroeker, Bob, M.D.

Kroft, Cara, M.D.

Kuegle, Peter Franz Xaver, M.D.

Kyeremateng, Doris, M.D.

Sites L to P:

Lakewood Medical Centre

Laxmi Centre

Lazareck, Samuel, M.D.

Leila Medical Clinic

Leila Pharmacy South

Legacy Sport Medicine Clinic

Levin, Brenda, M.D.

LifeSmart Medical

LifeSmart Medical – Osborne

Lincoln Walk-In Medical Centre

Linden Ridge Medical Centre

Lowden, Cameron Stewart, M.D.

MacLean, Jayda, M.D.

Malabanan, Edilberto A., M.D.

Manishen, Wayne Jonathon, M.D.

Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre

Manitoba Clinic

Manitoba Opioid Support and Treatment Winnipeg

Maples Surgical Centre

Marion Medical Centre

McGregor Medical Centre

McGregor – Walk-In Connected Care Clinic

McKenzie Medical Centre

Meadowood Medical Services

Medi-Care Clinic (Jefferson)

Medigroup Kenaston

Mehta, Asita, M.D.

Memorial Medical Clinic

MFL Occupational Health Centre

Midcity Medical Centre and Walk-in Clinic

Millennium Medical Centre

Misericordia Health Centre

Mobile MDs

Mount Carmel Clinic

Mongru, Padma, M.D.

Murray, Kenneth, M.D.

MyCardia Clinic

Nairn Medical Clinic

Natawiwewak Medical Clinic

Nearby Medical Clinic

Nine Circles Community Health Centre

Northern Connection Medical Centre

Northgate Medical Centre

Northway Pharmacy Broadway

Northway Pharmacy Pharmacie Marion

Northway Pharmacy River Heights

NorWest Co-op at Bluebird

NorWest Co-op Community Health Centre

Norwood Walk In and Family Medical Centre

Oakfield Medical Centre

Old Market Health Centre

Osler, F. Gigi, M.D.

Otolaryngology Associates of Winnipeg

Our Own Health Centre

Oya Medical Centre

Pacin, Stefan, M.D.

Pan Am Clinic

Panacea Medical Clinic

Parkview Medicentres

Pavilion Medical Clinic

Pembina Drugs

Pembina Medical Clinic

Pembina Village Walk-in Centre

Permack, Sheldon, M.D.

Phoenix Recovery

Plessis Medical Centre

Portage Trail Paediatrics

Portage West Medical Centre

Prairie Trail Medical Centre

Prana Family Medical Centre

Price, Shandis, M.D.

Primacy Regent

Pritchard Farm Health Centre

Prota Clinic

Pure Lifestyle

Sites Q to Z:

Rabson, John L R, M.D.

Rapid Access to Addictions Medicine River Point Centre

Rasha Medical Clinic

Ray of Hope Medical Centre

Raza Medical Clinic

Red Door Medical Clinic

Red River College – Health Services

Red River Family Medical Centre (Carmen)

Red River Family Medical Centre (Elgin)

Red River Family Medical Centre (Ellice)

Red River Family Medical Centre (Smith)

Regent West Medical Centre

Reh – Fit Centre

Rehabilitation Centre for Children

Rivergrove Medical Clinic

Riverview Health Centre

Riverwood Medical Centre

River Park Medical Centre

River West Medical Centre

RKM Walk-In Clinic and Medical Centre

Robinson, Corinne C., M.D.

Rossmere Medical Centre

Rusk, Richard, M.D.

Sabe Wellness

Sawyer, Jeremy, M.D.

Santa Maria Medical Clinic

Saul Sair Health Centre

Scurfield Medical Centre

Seasons Medical Centre

Seine River Medical Centre

Seven Oaks General Hospital

Sharkey, James Brian, M.D.

Shawano Pharmacy

Simplicity Wellness

Singh, G, M.D.

Skinwise Dermatology

Skoglund Medical Clinic

Sommer, Hillel M., M.D.

South Sherbrook Health Centre

South Winnipeg Bone and Joint Health

Southdale Medical Centre

Southend Medical & Walk-In Clinic

Sport for Life Medicine Centre

Spring Meadow Medical Clinic

Springfield Heights Medical Centre


St. Anne’s Medical Clinic

St. Boniface Hospital

St. George Medical Centre

St. Norbert Express Care Clinic

St. James Street Medical Clinic

St. Vital Family Medical Clinic

Stafford Medical Clinic

Staniforth, Christopher, M.D.

Sterling Lyon Pediatrics

Stitz, Marshall, M.D.

Sturgeon Point Medical Clinic

Sunshine Medical Clinic

Susser, Marc, M.D.

Tache Obstetrics and Gynecology

Taylor, H.R., M.D.

The Derm Centre

The Minor Illness and Injury Clinic

Transcona Medical Clinic

TruCare Medical Clinic and Walk-In

Tuxedo Family Medical Centre

United Clinic

University Health Service

Vaniru Medical Centre

Vattheuer, Annabel, M.D.

Victoria General Hospital

Videl Medical Clinic

Vista Medical Centre

Viva Health Care

Wakeman, Stewart, M.D.

Waldman, Jeffrey, M.D.

Waterford Medical Centre and Walk-in Clinic

Waverley Surgical Associates

Western Surgery Centre

Westwood Medical Clinic

White Cross Medical Clinic – Broadway

Wiens, James, M.D.

Winnipeg Clinic

Women’s Health Clinic

Women’s Health Clinic Birth Centre

Woo Medical Centre

Youville Clinic

Youville Diabetes Centre