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Interlake-Eastern RHA Locations

Updated: July 29, 2019

The following sites are geographically located in this region:

Sites A to M:

Adam Hardisty Health Centre

Alexander, Ian, M.D.

Arborg District Health Centre

Arborg Primary Health Care Centre

Anozie, Anthony, M.D.

Ashern Medical Clinic

Badenhorst, F. J., M.D.

Beausejour District Hospital

Beausejour Primary Health Care Centre

Black River First Nation Health Centre

Bloodvein Nursing Station

Brokenhead Medical Clinic

Brokenhead Ojibway Health Centre

Demsas, Habtu, M.D.

Derzko, Lydia, M.D.

East St. Paul Medical Centre

Ekosi Health Centre

Elbardisy, Nozahy, M.D.

Elizabeth M. Crowe Memorial Hospital

Ericksdale Medical Clinic

Eveline Street Clinic

Family Practice Associates

Fisher Branch Medical Clinic

Fisher River Health Centre

Fort Alexander Health Centre

Gabor, Jonathan, M.D.

Gimli Express Care Clinic

Gimli Medical Clinic

Governo, Nelson, M.D.

HEW Primary Health Care Centre

Hunter Memorial Hospital

Icelandic River Health Clinic

Interlake Medicentres

Johnson Memorial Hospital

Kin Place Primary Health Care Centre

Kinsley, David, M.D.

Lac du Bonnet District Health Centre

Lac du Bonnet Medical Group

Lakeshore General Hospital

Lake Manitoba Health Centre

Lindenschmidt, Richard Brian, M.D.

Lindenschmidt, Richard, M.D.

Little Grand Rapids Nursing Station

Little Saskatchewan Health Centre

Lundar Health Centre Clinic

Sites N to Z:

Oakbank Medical Clinic

Pauingassi First Nation Band Nursing Station

Pauingassi Nursing Station

Percy E. Moore Clinic

Percy E. Moore Hospital

Pinawa District Hospital

Pinawa Medical Clinic

Pinaymootang Health Centre

Pine Falls Health Complex

Pine Falls Primary Health Care Centre

Poplar River Nursing Station

Quarry Ridge Medical Clinic

Randunne, Ayodya, M.D.

Riverton Community Health Centre

Roets, W George, M.D.

Schellenberg, Angela E., M.D.

Selkirk Regional Health Centre

Selkirk Quick Care Clinic

Selkirk Mental Health Centre

Springfield Medical Clinic

St. Laurent Community Health Centre Clinic

Stonewall and District Health Centre

Stonewall Medical Group

Whitemouth Primary Health Care Centre

Woodlands Medical Clinic

Ziaei Saba, Shahnaz, M.D.

Zoppa Medical Corporation