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These data sources provide information to health-care providers through eChart Manitoba:

Source SystemAvailable from
Provincial Client Registry/Registration Systems-Personal identifying information including name, address, date of birth, personal health identification number (PHIN).All records in Client Registry
Immunizations recorded in and provided by the Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS), formerly known as Panorama.Child – 1980
Adult – 2000
Prescriptions filled at community pharmacies provided through the Drug Programs Information Network (DPIN).April 2010
Laboratory test results from Diagnostic Services, Shared Health (formerly Diagnostic Services Manitoba) locations (Winnipeg sites December 2010 and rural sites added since 2013).December 2010
Laboratory test results from Unicity Laboratory.May 2011 – Dec 2017
Laboratory test results from Dynacare.July 2011
Laboratory test results from Cadham Provincial Laboratory.March 2013
Diagnostic image reports from Manitoba’s Radiology Information Systems (RIS).November 2011
Diagnostic image reports from Prairie Mountain Health region.December 2016
Diagnostic images are available via Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) web viewer.December 2016
Encounters provide information regarding a hospital visit (e.g. admission date, type of visit, discharge date).
*St. Boniface Hospital since November 2011, remainder of WRHA and the IERHA July 2016, Southern Health-Santé Sud May 2017, Northern Regional Health Authority August 2017, Churchill May 2018, eight sites in Prairie Mountain Health August 2018, registered VECTR Service cases May 2023, remaining 22 sites in Prairie Mountain Health, June, 2024
November 2011
Enrolment Status from Home Clinic RepositoryJanuary 2019
Surgical Pathology, Cytology (including Gynecological and Non-Gynecological), and Neuro Surgical Reports from Diagnostic Services, Shared Health.April 3, 2019
Home Care Summaries from Electronic Home Care Record
*Interlake-Eastern Health Authority, Northern Health, Southern Health-Santé Sud, Prairie Mountain Health – April 7, 2020; WRHA – April 21, 2020
April 2020
Home Clinic Client Summary from active Home Clinics using a Certified EMR ProductJuly 2020
Emergency Discharge Information System (EDIS) Emergency Discharge SummariesApril 2021
STI Treatment recorded in and provided by the Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS) March 2, 2023
Manitoba surgical pathology reports processed by Dynacare BramptonSeptember 2023
Transfusion medicine and perinatal results performed by Canadian Blood Services and Shared Health Diagnostic Services.   June 2024

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