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Frequently asked questions

Is my personal health information safe and confidential?

Yes. The safety, security and privacy of your personal health information are top priorities during training, maintenance and use of eChart Manitoba. The following safeguards are in place to ensure the safety, security and privacy of your personal health information:

  • All Manitoba’s regulatory and legislative standards on protecting personal health information, including The Personal Health Information Act are followed.
  • Health-care providers are only authorized to see the specific information they need for your care (different access levels).
  • Health-care providers cannot enter information directly into eChart – the system only presents views of information already collected from past events.
  • User access is password protected, recorded and can be audited.

What are my rights?

At any time, you can:

  • hide your information from the view of anyone using eChart
  • see who has viewed your eChart record
  • request a copy of your personal health information in eChart

Who uses eChart?

Health-care providers who have been authorized by their site may access eChart to support the care they provide. Authorized users of eChart can only access the information they need to support your care. There are different levels of access for authorized users that are assigned by their employer and determined based upon their need to know the information in eChart.

For example, some users only have the ability to view lab results while others may be authorized for a higher security role that allows them to view all the information about you that is in eChart.

What if I have a complaint or concern about the privacy of my personal health information in eChart Manitoba?

If you have questions or concerns regarding your personal health information, speak to your health-care provider or contact eChart Manitoba Services at (toll-free) 1-855-203-4528 or [email protected].

What information about me is collected?

Information is sent to eChart if it is collected at one of the sources that contribute to eChart Manitoba. For example, a lab test that was completed since eChart went live at one of our participating labs will likely be in your eChart record. Likewise a prescription that you have filled recently is likely to be included in eChart; however a prescription that was filled prior to April 2010 will not be in your eChart.

View the sources that currently provide information to eChart and the date which they began to send information to eChart.

Can I choose not to have my information collected by eChart?

Access to personal health information is required to provide you with safe quality care.  You can request a Disclosure Directive to hide your clinical information from being seen by all users of eChart. Once you’ve placed a Disclosure Directive on your record, only those health-care providers with the highest level of access will have the ability to temporarily override your Disclosure Directive.  Each time these health-care providers override your Disclosure Directive they are required to provide a reason for accessing the information before they can see your clinical information in eChart Manitoba. See Disclosure Directive for more information.

Can I choose to only hide certain information?

It is not possible to hide only part of your eChart Manitoba record. See Disclosure Directive for more information on hiding your information in eChart Manitoba.

What if I find an error in my record?

All of the information displayed in eChart Manitoba originates from existing electronic systems, including laboratory systems, pharmacy systems, client registry and immunization systems. Changes to the information, if required, need to be completed by those sources and resent to eChart Manitoba. EChart Manitoba Services can facilitate the communication to Sources about these issues but cannot directly correct or change any information from a Source.

To request a correction to your personal health information in eChart Manitoba, speak to your health-care provider or call eChart Manitoba at (toll free) 1-855-203-4528 for more information on this process.

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