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What Pathology reports are included in eChart?

The Pathology reports included in eChart are Surgical Pathology, Cytology (including Gynecological and Non-Gynecological reports) and Neuro Surgical Reports.

Which labs send Pathology results to eChart?

Diagnostic Services, Shared Health

How do I view and print a Pathology report?

To view Pathology results in eChart, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Pathology tab to display the list of Pathology results for the selected patient.
  2. To view the report for a result displayed, you must click on the report icon on the result row.

To print a report: Click the printer icon in the floating toolbar.

Do autopsy reports display in eChart?

Autopsy reports are not included in eChart at this time.

What can I expect to see under Conclusions, Findings and Related Documents?

These sections will not display any information.