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What source provides eChart information regarding immunizations?

Immunization information is received from the Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS). Historical information from MIMS remains included.

Note: PHIMS replaced the Manitoba Immunization Monitoring System (MIMS) in November, 2015.

Are immunizations that are administered by a pharmacist in eChart?

Yes they are in eChart. The administered immunization will appear on the Immunizations view and the date field will be populated with the administered date.

Which immunizations are transmitted to eChart?

The Vaccines listed on the Manitoba Health Immunization Schedule (Tariff Code Listing) can be sent to eChart.

What immunization information fields are in eChart Immunization List view?

  • Date an immunization was given
  • Name of the immunization
  • Age of the patient at the time the immunization was given
  • Source system name which will be the Public Health Information System going forward from September 17, 2015, or the historical immunization source name, Manitoba Immunization Monitoring System (MIMS)
  • Details about the immunization such “Given by: PHYSICIAN” or “Facility: Carmen Memorial Hospital“.

Details found in the Details box in the lower part of the screen correspond with the immunization row selected and highlighted in pale green on the upper part of the screen.

Why do some immunizations have comments while others do not?

The Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS) does not provide special comments for immunizations, and the Comments field is not populated at this time.

However, prior to September 17, 2015, some of the historical information from MIMS may have provider administration notes or comments, such as “NOV 20/02-REFUSED” included.

How far back does the immunization record go in eChart?

Children’s Immunizations:

  • Data on children under 18 years goes back to 1980
  • When eChart ‘went live’ with MIMS immunizations, all children’s immunizations in MIMS were retroactively loaded in eChart back to 1980; and continue going forward with the Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS).

Adult Immunizations:

  • Data on adults goes back to 2000
  • When eChart ‘went live’ with MIMS immunizations, all adult immunizations in MIMS were retroactively loaded in eChart back to 2000; and continue going forward with the Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS).

E.g. In 1981, a patient who was 17 years old may have immunization information in MIMS; but in 1982 when they turned 18 their immunizations would not be in MIMS. They would not have immunization information collected again until 2000 when adult records were added to MIMS.

EChart only displays select information collected by the Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS) and, historically, collected by MIMS.

How can I use the filters at the top of Immunization List view in eChart to ensure that I am viewing all available immunizations?

The eChart (default) view for Immunizations show all immunizations received without any filtered date restrictions.

If you are not sure if you are displaying all available information, you can ensure the view is showing everything by clicking on the “Show All” button as well (near the top right of the view).

How often is the information updated / sent to eChart?

eChart is updated daily with immunization information from the Public Health Information Management System (PHIMS). If the information is not in or not yet recorded in (PHIMS), it will not be available in eChart.

What other factors can affect timing of entry and transmission of data to eChart?

The rate of transmission of immunization information is subject to the manual and automated workflow of different sites – even if they are electronically connected.

  • E.g. for SBH, it depends on the timing of SBH Health Records process as the immunizations entered in SBH EPR must be transferred to the physician billing immunization system.

Where would I find more information about PHIMS?

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