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Home Care Summary

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What is the Home Care Summary?

The Home Care Summary is a document posted to eChart Manitoba that provides a subset of patients’ key home care information from both home care systems used in the province, known as the Electronic Home Care Record (EHCR).

What does the Home Care Summary include?

The Home Care Summary includes:
• date this version of the Home Care Summary was posted
• home care Case Coordinator contact phone number and primary home care site
• home care departments involved in the patient’s care
• home care services and activities provided or planned for the patient (at this time, Prairie Mountain Health region will not be sharing services and activities)
• patient panel application approval date, if applicable
• A cautionary message indicating that the clinician should verify accuracy of information before making treatment decisions

For additional information on Home Care Summary details click here.

How many versions of the Home Care Summary will be visible?

Clinical Documents – eChart Manitoba

There will only be the most current version of the Home Care Summary available. However, you will see two Home Care Summaries in eChart if the patient is receiving or has received home care services in both Winnipeg and any one of the other regions. In this case, the most recent summaries will appear for both the Winnipeg region and the other region from which they received home care services.

What do the abbreviations in Home Care Summary mean?

To view the abbreviations list please click here.