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What information is available from ambulatory encounters? 

eChart displays administrative information from hospital and health centre facilities that send encounter information to eChart (see FAQ below for list of sites). Administrative information displayed will include data such as visit type, facility attended, date of encounter, and discharge date.

What is Encounters view?

Encounter information in eChart is high level overview information about the admission, visit type and some discharge information from connected provincial ADT EPR source systems. Encounter information includes emergency department discharge summaries.

Which facilities send an Emergency Discharge Summary (EDS) to eChart? 

Only the facilities below send EDS to eChart

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority – April 2021 onward:

  • St. Boniface Hospital
  • Concordia Hospital
  • Grace Hospital
  • Seven Oaks General Hospital  
  • Victoria General Hospital
  • Health Sciences Centre Exception – April 2022 onward
  • Note: Misericordia Health Centre does not send EDS

Southern Health-Santé Sud – April 2021 onward:

  • Bethesda Regional Health Centre
  • Boundary Trails Health Centre  
  • Portage District General Hospital  

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority – April 2021 onward:

  • Selkirk Regional Health Center

Northern Health Region – April 2021 onward:

  • Flin Flon General Hospital  
  • The Pas Health Complex  
  • Thompson General Hospital  

Prairie Mountain Health Centre – April 2021 onward:

  • Dauphin Regional Health Centre

How do I view an Emergency Discharge Summary?

There are two ways to view a summary in eChart:

  1. Select the Encounters, locate the emergency encounter, and click the paperclip document icon
  2. Select Clinical Documents, Encounters, locate the emergency encounter and click the paper clip icon 

What do the numbers in brackets mean beside the date for encounters?

The numbers in brackets beside the encounter date are the length of stay, which might display for some encounters. Length of stay is the discharge time minus the admission time.

Why is the discharge time 00:00?

For some encounters, we can see the admission date and time and notice the discharge time is 00:00. This could mean the encounter discharged at midnight or that the encounter was auto-discharged.

Will there be an Emergency Discharge Summary (EDS) if a patient is admitted?

The Emergency Discharge Summary is always sent when the visit/encounter starts as emergency, whether or not the patient is admitted.

What types of visits are in eChart?

There are 9 visit types from the EPR:

  • Day Night Care – for outpatients who receive surgery or a minor procedure and stay for less than 24 hours e.g., day surgery.
  • Emergency – for outpatients who attend the emergency department.
  • Indexed – for visits or events tracked in other systems, such as radiology or labs; indexed visit type is used to register the minimum visit level data required.
  • Inpatient – for patients that are admitted to the hospital and stay for one or more days.
  • Outpatient – for patients who receive treatment or ambulatory care, but they are not admitted as inpatients e.g., a clinic visit or diagnostic test.
  • Recurring – a series of outpatient visits for the same episode of care.
  • Outreach – for patients visited by the care provider in the patient’s home/community; or via MBTelehealth or phone call replacing a face to face visit.
  • Resident – for patients admitted to a designated Long Term Care bed in a Personal Care Home or Interim Personal Care Home.
  • Ambulatory – an outpatient visit where only essential Visit Demographics are collected. Input screens have been specifically designed to expedite the registration process. Generally used for registering visits for patients receiving walk-in Diagnostic Imaging services.

Which facilities send encounter information to eChart?

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority:

  • St. Boniface Hospital – Nov. 2011 onward
  • Concordia Hospital – July 2016 onward
  • Grace Hospital – July 2016 onward
  • Health Sciences Centre – July 2016 onward
  • Misericordia Health Centre – July 2016 onward
  • Seven Oaks General Hospital – July 2016 onward
  • Victoria General Hospital – July 2016 onward
  • Churchill Health Centre – May 2018 onward

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority – July 2016 onward:

  • Arborg and District Hospital
  • Ashern-Lakeshore General Hospital
  • Beausejour Hospital
  • Eriksdale – E.M. Crowe Memorial
  • Gimli Community Health Centre
  • Teulon-Hunter Memorial Hospital
  • Pinawa Hospital
  • Pine Falls Health Complex 
  • Selkirk Regional Health Center
  • Stonewall & District General Hospital

Southern Health-Santé Sud – May 4, 2017 onward:

  • Altona Community Memorial Health Centre
  • Bethesda Regional Health Centre
  • Boundary Trails Health Centre
  • Carman Memorial Hospital
  • DeSalaberry District Health Centre 
  • Emerson Health Centre
  • Lorne Memorial Hospital
  • Gladstone Health Centre 
  • MacGregor Health Centre
  • Morris General Hospital 
  • Notre Dame Health Centre
  • Portage District General Hospital
  • Pembina Manitou Health Centre 
  • Rock Lake Health District Hospital 
  • Ste. Anne Hospital 
  • St. Claude Health Centre Vita & District Health Centre

Northern Health Region – Aug. 17, 2017 onward:

  • Flin Flon General Hospital
  • Gillam Hospital 
  • Leaf Rapids Health Centre
  • Lynn Lake Hospital
  • Snow Lake Health Centre
  • The Pas Health Complex 
  • Thompson General Hospital

Prairie Mountain Health Jan. 25, 2018 onward:

  • Dauphin Regional Health Centre
  • Grandview District Hospital 
  • McCreary / Alonsa Health Centre
  • Roblin District Health Centre
  • Ste. Rose General Hospital
  • Swan Valley Health Centre
  • Winnipegosis & District Health Centre

Aug 13, 2018 onward:

  • Benito Health Centre

June 13, 2024 onward

  • Baldur Health Centre
  • Birtle Health Centre 
  • Boissevain Health Centre
  • Brandon Regional Health Centre
  • Carberry Health Centre  
  • Deloraine Health Centre  
  • Erickson Health Centre
  • Glenboro Health Centre 
  • Hamiota Health Centre
  • Melita Health Centre 
  • Minnedosa Health Centre
  • Neepawa Health Services  
  • Reston Health Centre
  • Rivers – Riverdale Health Centre
  • Rossburn Health Centre  
  • Russell Health Centre
  • Souris Health Centre  
  • Shoal Lake/Strathclair Health Centre 
  • Treherne – Tiger Hills Health Centre 
  • Killarney – Tri-Lake Health Centre 
  • Virden Health Centre 
  • Wawanesa Health Centre 

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