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Patient Search

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How do I search for out of province patients in eChart?

Click on the Advanced Search link, select the province from the Prov/Fed Authority dropdown list and type their number in the Health Care # field.

Alternatively you can search for the patient on the Patient Search screen using their Name and Date of Birth.

Is it possible to retrieve archived patient records in eChart and when would I need to use this?

Although the default search does not include archived demographic records, clicking on the Advanced Search link, entering in the appropriate search criteria and selecting “Yes” from the “Include Archived Records” dropdown will return any archived records for the patient including clinical information.

Examples of when you may need to include archived records are:

  • if a patient is equal to or greater than 105 years old
  • deceased patient (records are archived 6 months following death)

What attributes should I enter when searching for a newborn in eChart if I do not have the PHIN?

Click on the Advanced Search link and enter the following attributes to perform the search:

  • Last Name
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • MB Reg#
  • Street Address
  • Postal Code

Note: Click on the Search Tips link to review the various combinations of appropriate search methods in eChart.

Why did I receive the error message below when searching for a patient in eChart and how can I resolve this?

“The patient search query you have submitted is inadequate and may take a while to process and return a large number of search results.”

Depending on the situation (ex: searching for newborns) there may be times when you need to enter a minimum combination of criteria. Click on the Search Tips link on the patient search screen to review the appropriate search methods and perform your search again.

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