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Home Clinic Enrolment

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What is Enrolment Status?

Enrolment Status provides information on the patient’s primary care Home Clinic and their main Primary Care Provider. This includes the patient’s current and previous enrolment information. The sharing of enrolment information in eChart Manitoba supports improved comprehensive and continuous care for patients as well as communication between episodic care providers and Home Clinics

What is Enrolment?

Enrolment is the act of defining an ongoing relationship between a patient and their Home Clinic. Enrolment assists in ensuring the patient receives consistent and reliable care and also helps to direct health-care information within the system more effectively

What is a Home Clinic?

A Home Clinic is a patient-centered primary care clinic that serves as a patient’s home base within the health-care system. Home Clinics are primary care clinics that provide patients with timely access to care, coordinate their health care within the health-care system and manage their health-care records. Having a home base helps support comprehensive and continuous care throughout a patient’s life.

For more information on Home Clinics, visit:

Where can I learn more about Home Clinic?

To view videos on Home Clinics, please visit our Primary Care Information System Home Clinic Enrolment Service videos

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