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Home Clinic Client Summary

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What is the Home Clinic Client Summary?

A Home Clinic Client Summary contains an enrolled patient’s key health information provided from a participating Home Clinic. It is a subset of information, not a complete history. Any questions regarding the information must be verified with the current Home Clinic – see the Enrolment Status document.

Only the most recent version of a Home Clinic Client Summary

What does the Home Clinic Client Summary include?

The summary includes the following information as recorded in the Home Clinic’s EMR:

  • Patient demographics and Home Clinic details
  • Health Conditions and Diagnoses, including those that have not been resolved and those that have been resolved within the last 11 years
  • Surgeries, Procedures and Interventions
  • Suspected Allergies and Intolerances
  • Prescribed Medications, including active prescriptions written within the last 18 months. If there are duplicate prescriptions, only the most recent will show. Note: The medications you will see in the summary include those prescribed by the Home Clinic that may not have been filled 
  • Vital Signs recorded, including up to the last 6 dated entries showing the most recent ones first
  • Home Clinic Client Summary Comments, where Home Clinic providers may include additional contextual information considered essential to the ongoing care needs of the patient

Is it possible that information is missing from the Home Clinic Client Summary?

Yes. The summary will contain information entered in the appropriate fields of the EMR. If the health-care provider records information in a different field, it will not appear in the Home Clinic Client Summary. If you have questions, please contact the patient’s current Home Clinic.

Where can I learn more about the Home Clinic Client Summary?

To view Primary Care Information Systems videos on Home Clinic Client Summary please visit the webpage here

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