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What is the difference between eChart and eHealth_hub?

eChart Manitoba is a secure electronic system that connects you to key health information about your patients contained in a single, safe electronic record collected from multiple points of care.

eHealth_hub is a Shared Health service that provides electronic delivery of your ordered lab and diagnostic imaging (DI) reports to your Manitoba Certified Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Why would a clinic want eHealth_hub if we already have a connection to our private lab?
  • eHealth_hub delivers certain lab information from Diagnostic Services, Shared Health Winnipeg and Brandon
  • The private lab feed will only include their own results, so if a patient chooses to go to any other lab, the results will be delivered on paper or scanned efax rather than electronically. eHealth_hub allows clinics a single connection to include other lab and DI sources and therefore receives more results electronically.
  • Shared Health is working with private labs in the province to have their results included in the single eHealth_hub electronic feed.
  • Receiving results electronically allows additional EMR functionality to be utilized such as electronic trending and analysis on patient groups. Paper and efax results cannot be used for electronic trending and analysis unless the results are manually keyed into the patient chart. eHealth_hub results are electronic and would therefore contribute to this additional functionality.
  • eHealth_hub can also deliver digital Imaging reports from Manitoba’s Radiology Information System (RIS).
Why would a clinic with eChart want to implement eHealth_hub?
  • eChart displays lab results and DI reports from other providers as well as clinical information from other sources such as DPIN, MIMS and encounter information from St. Boniface Hospital.
  • eHealth_hub allows access to lab results and DI reports you ordered from your EMR as soon as they are available, as well as the benefits listed in the previous section.
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